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South Africa, place of opportunity?

South Africa is a country God-blessed with so much. Fantastic weather, bountiful resources, a great coastline, beautiful countryside and wonderfully talented and compassionate people.

Unfortunately, South Africa also suffers from severe inequality, devastating poverty and debilitating unemployment. The result is a people  without purpose or hope for a future. 

Fortunately, these crisis, together with the pandemics that we are experiencing also mean great opportunities! With the right motivation and guidance our talented youth will be able to create solutions to improve the lives of all our people, resulting in increased employment, reduced poverty, and equal opportunities for all who are determined to work for their future.

Psalm 24:1 The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof. 


The Springboard Academy has a vision of stimulating Africa's economy by raising up a generation of young, skilled and successful small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Prov 21:5  The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.



We will deliver value adding basic business & life skills

We will uplift and up-skill young and committed entrepreneurs, using the Gospel as our Foundation of truth.

We will enhance the skillset of small businesses and business owners through encouragement and mentorship.

We will encourage a culture of paying it forward to maximize success and results for our Economy.

It is a known fact that SMME's are the greatest job-creators in an economy.

Why We Exist

The Springboard Academy will encourage the establishment of new small businesses, and the continued health of        existing businesses, through stimulating personal growth, encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and training in business skills among young people and existing small business owners.

  • Offering a solution to unemployment,

  • Giving school-leavers HOPE by exposing them to careers in entrepreneurship and self-employment,

  • Exposing young people to job-creation rather than job-seeking,

  • Encouraging Entrepreneurial thinking and activities,

  • Facilitating the starting, and growing, of SMME's that satisfy the ever-changing needs of our communities,

  • Facilitating job-creation through start-ups and new SMME's, and

  • Developing passionate entrepreneurs who desire to create wealth through business with integrity.


Terence Knott-Craig

(B.Com),Member of the Institute of Business Advisers of SA and

The Ibayi Small Business Chamber 

Passionate Entrepreneurial Facilitator, Small Business Mentor and

Hope Engineer.


I grew up in a small rural town, experiencing the privilege of opportunities not afforded to all South Africans. I had a good school education and paid my own way through university.

I joined the family business, where I experienced most of the issues facing small business in SA. 

After this business was sold, I joined a leading risk-financier. The last 18 years of this employment was spent consulting their clients, discussing issues and solutions for problems.

Through this valuable experience I realized that many small business owners have great trade skills, but lack basic business skills, they are ignorant about the need and access to good coaching to help growth, and quite often start with insufficient capital, leading to cash flow issues.

Through my mentoring of certain schools, I realized that  very few schools encourage true entrepreneurial thinking, which could lead to new SMME's being created.

In 2015 I resigned, to follow my God-given purpose of helping others find joy through their purpose in a Career in entrepreneurship or a job.

 – Terence Knott-Craig


Changing Ideas Into Business Opportunities