"Developing ideas out of the changing needs in the market"

South Africa, our beloved Country

South Africa is a country God-blessed with so much. Fantastic weather, bountiful resources, a great coastline, beautiful countryside and wonderfully talented and compassionate people.

Unfortunately, South Africa also suffers from severe inequality, devastating poverty and debilitating unemployment. The effects of COVID-19 and the Lock down have only served to increase the hopelessness of the majority of the people.

We believe that in a crisis like this one, there are new opportunities for personal development, new small businesses, and idea development, that will lead to hope for a better future for all who are willing to invest what they have into their future!



Psalm 24:1 The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof.

Our Vision

Prov 21:5 The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.

The Springboard Academy aims to be an effective agent for economic growth through stimulating personal development and entrepreneurial innovation among the youth and small business owners, exploring opportunities to serve the market and developing these ideas into new and effective products and services.

The Springboard Academy is committed to basic business skills training and effective mentoring to optimise business growth and wealth creation, through business values of integrity and honesty.​


Meet Terry

(B.Com),Member of The Ibayi Small Business Chamber 


I grew up in a small rural town, experiencing the privilege of opportunities not afforded to all South Africans. I had a good school education and paid my own way through university.

I joined the family business, where I experienced the struggles of small business in SA. 

After this business was sold, I joined a leading risk-financier. The last 18 years of this employment was spent consulting their clients, coming face to face with their issues and their battles to find solutions for their problems.

I believe I am called to assist young people to find their purpose in life and encourage them to fulfill their dreams through self-employment and entrepreneurial thinking. To assist them in researching and analysing the needs of the community, developing new ideas will solve problems in the community, and develop successful business models, that will improve the lives of many.

I believe that through our programs which offer Entrepreneurship as a career, Idea development (PowerUP), and developing Kingdom Entrepreneurs, many of our young people will become the solution to the unemployment issues in SA.

 – Terence Knott-Craig

Passionate Entrepreneurial


Small Business Mentor

Hope Engineer

Motivational Speaker

Personal Development Mentor


What I Specialise In

TRAINING Entrepreneurial & Basic Business Skills

     MENTORING       Small Business and individuals

PERSONAL Development & Career choice

IDEATION Developing Solutions for the Market

It is a known fact that SMME's are the greatest job-creators in an economy.

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