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Are YOU thriving?

Thriving sustainably is the result of a consistent investment into your long-term future.

I am reminded of the biblical parable of the sower, found in Mark’s gospel, chapter 4.

The story is about a sower who sows seed. Some falls on the road and is eaten by the birds. Some falls among the stones and rocks, in shallow ground they shoot quickly but , have undeveloped roots, they get burned by the sun and die. Some fall among the thorns and weeds. They grow well, but so do the weeds, and finally the weeds strangle the plants. Finally, some falls on well prepared soil, where they grow strong and yield a great harvest.

This parable can be likened to the ecosystem of small business.

The seeds are opportunities for viable small business.

The road represents those of us who are not interested in taking advantage of opportunities, and so the opportunities are lost.

The rocky ground represents those of us who want to take advantage of opportunities, grab the chance and start up without developing the business skills needed, and when difficulties come, we don’t know how to cope, and the business closes down.

The thorny ground represents those of us who have developed our skills, but our motives are selfish. We get side-tracked by the world and all the false messages of quick bucks and shady dealings to make millions. These messages drown out all the good and honest skills you started with, and so the business is choked by debt and corruption.

Finally, the good soil represents those of us who have a passion to make a difference through the business opportunities that come our way.

We assess the needs and determine a solution. We build a plan to deliver this solution to the needy, in an honest way, giving great service on the way.

We are satisfied with enough and use our profits to grow our business, benefit others, pay some dividends, and implement business methods that keep us sustainable for the long run. We have contingency plans for the unforeseen, and position ourselves to PIVOT in times of crisis and take advantage of new opportunities.

These businesses are the ones that survive, and thrive in all circumstances.

Do you want to become a thriving business?

Contact us and let us assist you in being prepared take advantage of new opportunities, and plan to thrive under all circumstances.

It is what you are willing to do, that will set you apart.

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