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Entrepreneurship: becoming part of the solution

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Small businesses are the backbone of successful local economies. Have you ever thought about starting your own business? You also have what it takes to be an entrepreneur in your community.

Many young people are encouraged to work hard at school in order to find a sought-after job when they leave school, preferably with the government for job security reasons. Evidently, the South African government is simply not able to satisfy this great demand.

Working hard at school and university is important; it prepares you for a life of hard work once you have completed your Grade 12 or your tertiary studies. Developing your creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills, however, is just as important because being an entrepreneur is just as much of a career.

Take a look at these two success stories:

· Florence became an entrepreneur out of desperation when she was unable to find a job. She saw an opportunity to cater to the needs of early-morning commuters in Westville, Durban. She is now expanding her business from the food and snack trade to used-clothing sales too. She makes a living from this initiative.

· Mike and Chris went to work alongside their father in his bakery business as soon as they finishing their schooling. They saw a gap in the market to offer fresh fruit and vegetables to the same Port Elizabeth retailers their father supplied bread and buns, and so they started their own business. MC Brothers has grown over the years to supply retailers in surrounding towns. Through this enterprise, the brothers now employ several people.

These are just two examples of young people showing verve and resourcefulness by identifying a need in their respective communities and turning that need into an opportunity to make a living and to grow the economy, little by little.

There are numerous similar opportunities in the local market, and there are also several avenues to develop completely new ideas.

At The Springboard Academy, we believe that all people are born with entrepreneurial spirit, but that this spirit is not developed or encouraged in all of us. And there are also many of us who have yet to discover our purpose in life.

Are you prepared to be different and explore entrepreneurship as a career option?

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