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Going Fishing?

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for day. Teach him to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”

This a well-known proverb, but sadly not one that is positively implemented in the world today. COVID and Lock-down has somehow caused us to believe that giving fish is the only way to help people. Unfortunately, it will cause them to expect fish each day.

Eat for the day

It is true that many have lost jobs, and many are entering the job market with little or no prospect of finding employment.

However, in all of this drama we empathetically provide food and other assistance, but not anything that resembles “how to fish”!


It Is time. TO STOP!

It is time to for each one of us to STOP waiting for government to provide handouts.

Handouts of temporary employment, but no training in a skill to enable long-term employable skills.

Handouts of relief allowances (that only causes reliance on the government), but no skills development, or incentives for self-employment.

Incentives & skills development

There are no incentives to find ways of providing for yourself.

There is no encouragement to look for ways of helping others in their needs.

Waiting for a wave. Waiting for a handout.

There are NO other options being offered to replace "waiting for your fish".

I don’t believe that no assistance is kind or helpful, but a combination of assistance and skills development would be kinder and more helpful in building confidence and value in all people.

Skills development will be more effective in creating long-term solutions to self-worth, unemployment and poverty.

So who should be providing these programs to develop people and reduce unemployment and poverty?

STOP waiting for government to develop the skills development programs. It is not their Job!

Government should be creating the environment where the private sector wants create initiatives for developing our human resources, and our people are eager to develop their skills and talents, not only in universities and colleges, to create their own futures.

We would be developing a generation of skilled people who would be valuable employees or small business owners we could partner with for economic growth and wealth creation.

So, what to do?

1. If you are big business, source credible service providers in the skills development industry and partner with them to develop young people. They could be your future employees, with the right skills for your company.

2. If you are a smaller business, you can partner with younger person or SME and up-skill them in smaller projects, with a view to create longer term partnerships, or even amalgamations.

3. If you are an individual and unemployed, you need to be looking identify the needs of those less fortunate than yourself, and develop ways of assisting them, while possibly making a small income for yourself. These activities may develop into a small business, and possibly even a big business.

In Essence, stop waiting for a fish; that government grant or temporary job.

Be determined to learn how to fish. Your future and hope of a better life depends on it.

Take control of plotting your own future!

I can hear you saying: “I don’t know how to do that”.

Then take the first step, find someone who is willing to guide and

assist you in creating your future.

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