"LOCK-DOWN" – React or Respond

LOCK-DOWN! Sounds terrible and scary.

Why scary?

· Because it is new to almost all of us. Very few, if any, of us have ever been confined to a “small” space, for any amount of time. I know I haven’t.

· Because, how will I earn my living. How do I keep my business open? What about my debts? What about my employees, how will I pay them?

· Because, I will have to change my business into an online business, and I have no idea how.

· Because, there is so much to do, and I must do it now.

· Because, what if I or my family get sick? How do I buy the food I need for my family? What about medicine?

Well, that is all true. They are issues that must be attended to, and they are serious and can be scary. But while we are “worrying” about the issues, nothing gets resolved, and we tend to run around in circles becoming more and more anxious and creating panic among our contacts, peers and family members.

So, how else can we view these issues?

· We need to start by assessing each issue without fear, and in a way that helps define the real issue.

· We need to take ownership of our situation.

I was reminded recently about the 90/10 principle, and how our response to every situation will result in how we experience the outcome.

The principle: 90% of things that happen are not in our sphere of control, while we have influence over the other 10%.

How we respond, and not react, to the 90% will determine how we experience whatever issue is outside our control.

Reaction is usually one of blame, accusation, or justification of our situation, whereas a response is an acceptance of the situation with a view to find an opportunity to positively influence it or others also affected.

So here is the good news. There is #hopeforafuture; a way to respond to the Corona virus pandemic, and all the issues that we experience because of the lock-down.

South African society, and every citizen can be part of the solution.

It all starts with a change of mindset. We are not in “Lock-down”, we are in a state “safe living”!

Check this space on Wednesday for ways to change your mindset with respect to other issues we face.

#lockdown #entrepreneur #smallbusiness

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