“NEW NORM” – Hope, not fear?

Opportunity in the Crisis!

Covid19 has brought a long list of several firsts for me, and by all accounts, a first in a long time for South Africa and the world.

Lock-down is one of them, and so is one term being used loosely by most people, “The New Norm”.

What does this “New Norm” really mean?

Most people will simply say that the old way of doing things is gone for good, and there is a new way, “the new norm”.

But what is this “new way”, and what are the factors that determine it? What does it look like, and if it is a “new way”, then how does this “new way” operate? Who is responsible for creating it and how do they do it?

Let us start by acknowledging what it is that we are enduring, and that most of are in fear of something:

  • It may be that we fear being infected, and that will determine our behavior toward others.

  • It may be that we fear losing our job, and this creates fear around finance.

  • It may be that we fear that our investments are being annihilated and that we won’t have enough for our retirement.

  • It may be that we fear for the safety and health of our families.

  • It may be that we fear that violence will erupt and our city, country and world will end in anarchy.

Whatever our fear, it paralyses our productive and creative thoughts. Winston Churchill once said, “one should never waste a crisis”, and we have a crisis on our hands. It is a health crisis which has created an economic and financial crisis.

What did Mr Churchill mean? Simply put: Opportunities arise out of crisis. The greater the crisis, the greater the opportunities, and where there are opportunities, there is HOPE.

So, we need to take stock of the situation, acknowledge and deal with our fears, (do not bury them, because they will surface again), and turn our focus on finding ways to help others, and ourselves.

What opportunities are there? Let us first understand that the purpose of life is to add-value to other people. The greatest joy and mostly financial gain happen as a result of this.

The opportunities that will present themselves will not necessarily be doing the same things as in the past, because the circumstance of individuals, small business, companies and governments have changed.

The secret is to:

1. Identify the needs of people and the problems they face

2. Identify better ways of doing any activity

3. Identify and develop new ways of doing things

4. Identify things that will improve the way people live

5. Identify the need and develop the process to create better opportunities for all people

6. Recognize people, (especially young people), who are willing to invest, (not necessarily money, but time and effort), into their own future, the future of others and find development processes that will afford them those opportunities.

7. The possible opportunities will depend on the community and country you live in, and your willingness to take a risk to identify and develop solutions.

The new norm or new way is therefore about how things will happen in the future, and is surely a model built by knowledgeable, innovative and caring people, based on certain assumptions about the future, and the awareness of what the ordinary person requires.

Who should benefit most from this new norm? The perfect outcome would be for all people to benefit. All citizens by opportunities for a better life, (If you do not invest in your own life, why should you benefit from the life of others), and the entrepreneurs by the returns from the investments they made into the new norm.

A warning though, excessive returns should be utilized to create opportunities for less privileged to invest in their own lives, (No handouts, opportunities to use what they have).

There will also be opportunities for communities to care for each other, by sharing. The biggest of these being willing, (from the top executive to the lowest paid), to take a cut in salary or wage in order for more people to remain employed, and an undertaking to provide greater output. This will help drive prices down, and with buying power spread out, more people will benefit from what is available, and have HOPE for the future.

So, acknowledge the crisis and all it’s effects, your fear of what has not happened yet, and then focus on the opportunities around you. Use what you have in skill and material, and create a solution that will benefit others. Get the help you need now, contact The Springboard Academy!

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