Responding to "LOCK-DOWN"

Covid 19, What should I do?

1. Acknowledging the issues:

The Corona virus exists and has killed thousands worldwide, and will cause the death of many more.

  • The virus spreads from person to person

  • The Government has ordered a lock-down for 21 days

  • I cannot go to my clients and earn a living.

  • Most of my clients have had to close shop.

  • I don’t know what to do to make a living.

2. Resist dwelling on what you can’t control:

  • The lock-down

  • The possible extension of the lock-down

  • The change in the world and the economy

3. Determine what you can control:

  • What YOU think

  • What YOU say

  • What YOU dream

  • What YOU do

  • How you adapt

The first thing to control is what you think, and this is the most difficult to do.

Why not start with what stimulates your thoughts? So, stop watching all the bad news and listening to others repeat the bad news (and often fake) and speculate about what is going to happen. Remember, you acknowledged the situation is bad and that the final outcome can be terrible, but now think about what is in your sphere of control, what can you do to keep safe:

  • Don’t go out, unless it is an emergency.

  • Wash your hands often.

  • Sanitize your hands whenever you have handled something someone else also has.

What about business thoughts?

  • Start turning you mind to thinking of other ways of doing things, at home and in business.

  • This is tough, but you may call someone to brainstorm the issues with.

  • Turn your mind to other people. Your clients, who your next clients may be?

  • What are their needs?

  • What will their need be when the lock-down is over, and we can freely and safely move around?

  • How will you satisfy that need?

  • How will you change (do you need to) your business model to stay relevant?

Remember, a business without clients is not a business. People without a need are not clients. Clients without a need for your offering are not your clients!

How do you control what you say?

I believe that what we dwell on most (think), becomes what we speak about. So, if you have turned your thoughts to solutions and new life, then you will be able to speak life and hope into situations. This in turn will cause better creative and innovative thinking, and you will dream dreams of a better future.

How do you control what you do?

I do believe that your thoughts, dreams and words will help you to adapt to the new scenarios and know what is right to do. However, you have to have courage to step out and do what is right and in alignment with your thoughts, dreams and words.

I believe having faith in Jesus, will help you in stepping out (of the boat) boldly.

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