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Why not go gold-mining

Why are you sitting at home?

I can’t find a job!

Why not?

There are just no jobs on offer!

Is there something else you can do?

Like what? I don’t have anything!

Wrong! You have more than what is in your wallet!

We all have something, and what we have is valuable. We need to appreciate what we have.

It may not be valuable to everyone, but it is unique to you, and useful for your future.

The difficulty is that we don’t always acknowledge what we have, because we are too busy looking at what others have and wanting that. Sometimes we simply take what we have for granted.

So, what is it that we have?

We do have many “things”: we have sight, hearing , we can speak, we can walk, and use our minds and hands. We have dreams.

In reality these are just the basics. When we go mining, we will find much more.

Some of us do not have all these “things”, but we all have a skill or talent.

In most cases it is not a popular skill or talent, but it is a talent or skill, and its application will be unique in your hands.

It will be useful for you to settle down and do the P.U.S.H. exercise. This will help you to identify everything that will help you determine your purpose in life, and you can use this in deciding on a path for the future.

What is the P.U.S.H. Exercise you ask?

This exercise directs you to honestly identify passions and skills, and through them your purpose. It is also assists you determine your shortcomings, so that you can plan to overcome them.

For us to identify what we do have, most often we have to change our attitude.

By this I mean we need to stop staring at the problem (what we don’t have) and focus on what we do have.

Turn away from being stuck in the past, and fearful of the future. It is best to focus on what you can do now, in the present.

If we are really honest with ourselves, there are things we don’t have that we wish we had. But, we have far more than we are grateful for, and when we are not grateful for something, we either don’t value it or we take it for granted.

Do you know that everything you have, has a purpose. You have it because you need it to fulfil your purpose in life.

So start by being grateful for what you do have. Start valuing every gift and talent you have been blessed with.

Nick Vujicic, in his book “life without Limbs”, shares what helped him change his outlook on life.

He suggests that we need to develop 4 new attitudes.

One of these is an “Attitude of gratitude”

  1. Every day and in every situation find something to be grateful for. In fact, find 10 things to be grateful for every day.

  2. Find something to be grateful for, even in the worst situation. I.E. If you can’t find a job, be grateful for the skills you have, to help you find a job, or better still create your own job.

  3. Be grateful for what you do have, and stop complaining about what you don’t have. Say thank you to God for the skills you do have, and ask for wisdom to use them to help others.

Once you have taken stock of what you have, and expressed your gratitude for them, start analysing how they can be used by you, to make a difference in someone else’s life, and in so doing, developing your future.

Remember, you have been gifted with things and skills for your life, to bless others

If you battle to put all the pieces together to help you take the next step, do not be afraid of engaging with a Mentor or Life Coach to assist you in developing your future; and/or find a course or enroll for a workshop that will help you discover what you have, and determine your future.

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to become an engineer of your own future.

Remember: When the people needed to be fed, the disciples focussed on what they didn’t have. Jesus asked what they did have, and blessed what was offered, and thousands were had enough to eat.

Be on the lookout for the next blog about starting your own business.

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