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Terry Knott- Craig has assisted me with business coaching over a period in 2015 / 2016 when he was based in Durban.

His understanding of our business was excellent, and he offered valuable insight in terms of goal setting, financial management and the understanding of our monthly prepared management accounts.


Terry is a good motivator and encourager, and enabled realistic targets to be set for measurement or re-assessment in quarterly or monthly blocks, depending on the specific item.


I highly recommend his services and the insight he offers due to his many years experience.


Yours faithfully,


Jayson Anderson



Terry Knott-Craig and the Springboard Academy have provided business critical mentoring, coaching and strategic planning.

We had used a number of other coaching methods and providers in the past, however Terry's passion and dedication surpassed all others. He also got down to the nuts and bolts of it, without all of the theoretical analysis used by many other franchise-type organisations.

I would confidently recommend the services of the Springboard Academy and Terry to any organisation or individual.

Kind regards,





Londonderry and Brook

Terence Knott-Craig of Springboard academy was my first venture into working with a mentor or coach of any sorts.

I found the support practical, useful and constructive. Terence's ability to understand even better than I did, the challenges I faced, and his gentle but firm manner in getting me to identify these, and embrace solutions was just what I needed.


The advice and direction played a significant role in the growth of my business, and of myself as a business owner.




Career ID client:

This mail serves partly as an update, and also to show my gratitude for the journey you have walked with me so far.

I came to you after going through a financial crises rather late in life and feeling disconnected from myself.  I was doubtful and fearful and stressed to the limit.  After meeting with you and then completing the many question segment and later receiving my analysis, I realised that the journey that God had been taking me on the last five years had suddenly picked up momentum.


Terry, on thinking back now, i really admire and need to thank you......that from day one you have been so calm and peaceful, and to the point, .... and at the same time giving me direction without prompting me.  That is  quite a skill.....and ever so necessary....for me to go through this time of discovery with The Holy Spirit, me and how God made me......and doing it with integrity to myself.


By allowing me the space and the time to work through the person of me and how God designed me, without pressurising me was so appreciated. 


It is difficult to put into words the journey that God has taken me on......on asking the Holy Spirit now to help me find the correct words .........He is showing me a glass jar filled to the brim with muddy water (which was me) and it was for the most of my life all shook up....and through this Living by Design  course, I have met the real me.... my life values, and my skills and abilities and realising there is a purpose and a plan for my life.....i have a purpose in the Kingdom of God that i live in.....

The mud has settled...the water is almost clear.....and the verse in Second Corinthians comes to mind....."The Light of the knowledge of God, is in the face of His son Christ Jesus".......that Light is now starting to shine through the water that is clearing in my glass jar.


I am humbled by God’s grace and mercy in my life........and the beauty of people as yourself that he has brought across my path to bring life and light in a time of much darkness.


I am awaiting direction from the Lord as to the door He will open next for me.

I will keep you posted........


Much love and appreciation.



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